Shiba Inu token ($SHIB), which is an experiment in decentralization, has been in trending search for a long time. Meme tokens headed by Dogecoin and Shiba Inu use animal emoji as token logos, which seem casual, but this kind of casual spirit is more suitable for youngers. That’s one of the reason why meme tokens are easily accepted spreaded in young groups social circle.

Meme tokens promote a completely decentralized spirit, which gets supported by blockchain believers. The concept of complete decentralization means that they will not be controlled by centralized institutions. For those who are fed up with traditional financial regulations, they have found an ideal destination.

Today, we will explore SHIB ecosystem together.

Pledging SHIB in xSHIB pool, there will be 3% BONE minted from each block. Besides, 0.3% of all ethereum transaction fees will be gained.

Pledging LEASH in xLEASH pool, there will be 0.5% BONE minted from each block.

LEASH will be used to provide liquidity, through which you will be rewarded with 0.3% WBTC and 0.3% USDC from all Swap transactions.

Pledging BONE in xBONE pool, there will be 1% BONE minted from each block.

Providing liquidity with BONE, you will be rewarded with 0.3% DAI and 0.3% USDT from all Swap transactions.

It is expected that ShibaSwap will become the first SWAP that is totally led by community governance. This is a very rare Swap upgrade. It could become a core competitiveness of ShibaSwap.

In brief, the design of ShibaSwap has integrated ShibaSwap unique features, Uniswap and Sushi together.

There are mixed views on the explosion of meme tokens like SHIB. But if you regard it as a decentralized experiment, at least it is a succeed experiment from the current point of view. This success may also provide a reference for other blockchain projects that, except of technology and application, community consensus is important too.

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